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Kim's Magic Pop 5 Grain

Kim's Magic Pop 5 Grain

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Kim’s Magic Pop is a crispy, delicious freshly popped multigrain snack that is magically low in fat & calories, magically versatile, and magically fresh!

Our 5 Grain Magic Pop is made from a gluten free healthful blend of:

1. Quinoa (high quality protein)

2. Flaxseed (rich in Omega 3)

3. White Rice (rich in vitamin B1)

4. Brown Rice (helps improve weight loss)

5. Black Rice (rich in antioxidants & fiber)

Ingredients: White rice, Brown rice, Black rice, Quinoa, Flaxseed, Sea salt, Water
** This product is manufactured in a facility that processes foods containing wheat.
All orders are shipped by USPS and/or UPS. Please allow up to 3-5 business days after processing

We are dedicated to offering the very best, all natural nutritious snack for everyone. Light with an airy texture, Magic Pop is perfect for even the most health-conscious consumers. Try it with your favorite toppings and with each bite you will magically fall in love! 

Size about 4.5 inch

Product Detail

Product units: 18 pcs/bag

Weight/ bag: 2.8 OZ (82g)


Store in a cool, dry place and tighten bag after opening to maintain flavor and freshness.

If you have any questions, please email ‘’ or calling us at ‘+1-201-947-0300’

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