When should I expect to receive credit for my return?
Once you have shipped your item, you should receive your refund in 5-7 business days after your shipment has been arrived.



Can I ship back / return more than one item together?
In order for us to process your return expeditiously and ensure a swift refund, we recommend that you do not return items from different orders together. However, any items that were shipped together can be returned together in the same box. 



What should I do if my Kim's Magic Pop or Deli Pop arrived in poor condition?
Email us support@deliceusa.com with a photo of damaged box/products and your order number. We will file a claim to our shipping company and send you a new box! Please do note that we cannot replace orders that were partially consumed or thrown away before the claim. Also, keep the items in their original packaging for 5 days as FedEx may require an inspection. 



What is the method of delivery?
All orders are shipped via UPS Ground. Please allow up to 5 business days for your package to arrive. Confirmation email containing the UPS tracking information will be sent when the order has been processed. 



Can I purchase your products in smaller amounts?
The short answer is no. The only way to purchase in single bags is to visit stores that carry our products. Our online products are sold in set amounts and cannot be altered. 



I saw items in certain stores but cannot find them anywhere else in my area. What should I do?
Not all stores have the same variety of flavors and the type of products that we offer. For store specific inquiries, you will have to contact the stores directly. Most often, we get calls and emails about the Chocolate Deli Pop products. These are available at select stores in specific regions only. Our online shop is the most comprehensive because you can find all the products in one place.